Atomic Cats

Let the
game begin
Whether you're a hardcore gamer or just looking for something to pass the time, we have the perfect game for you. Discover a post-apocalyptic world and start playing Atomic Cats today!

What is Atomic Cats?

In the aftermath of a devastating nuclear war, humanity has disappeared and the few surviving animals have been mutated by the radiation and evolved at an accelerated rate. One species were cats, who quickly developed advanced intelligence and the ability to communicate with humans.

The player must deal with the challenges of rebuilding a post-apocalyptic world.

Who will emerge victorious, and what will become of the world of the cats? Only time will tell in this epic tale of strategy and intrigue.
of a group of cats who are working to rebuild society and establish new settlements
Become the leader

Collect resources

Increase colony growth and assign cats to different kinds of work

Open new lands

Upgrade base and explore a new world!

Create unique weapons

Craft weapons and arm every cat with them

Fight mutants

Protect your land from enemies attacking
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